Ilocos Norte -The Best of Culture & Nature

Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte

In the Northern Philippines is a province where the country’s rich Spanish colonial and American colonial and revolutionary past co-exists to the day. Here, a centuries-old World Heritage church and forts symbolic of Spanish rule have stayed alive together with Western Occupation period pieces marred with revolts led by native nationalists and instigators of independence. The place is Ilocos Norte, a rugged land of a unique people who have kept history and beauty preserved.


  • Malacanang of the North
  • Paoay Lake
  • Paoay Church


  • Marcos Mausoleum
  • Ricarte Park
  • Empanada Street


  • St. William’s Cathedral
  • Sinking Bell Tower
  • Aurora Park
  • Tobacco Monopoly
  • Museo Ilocos Norte


  • Sta. Monica Church and ruins

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